Protecting The World From Card Fraud

Rippleshot Empowers Financial Institutions To Effectively Manage Risks Within Their Card Portfolio.

The Efficiency of Machine Learning. The Accuracy of Predictive Analytics. The Clarity of Human Insight.

Rippleshot uses the power of big data and machine learning to predict risk, pinpoint threats and protect banks and credit unions by reducing fraud losses, unnecessary reissuance costs and customer impact. We proactively monitor suspicious fraudulent activity and implement smarter fraud risk management strategies to combat the spread of compromised card fraud.

Our solutions empower community banks and credit unions in the fight against emerging fraud trends and keep pace with innovations that greatly impact customer experience by addressing technology gaps smaller financial institutions face in their back office. Our AI-driven, partnership-powered approach is built to help your team strategically scale.

Why invest in yesterday’s solution? Rippleshot was built with tomorrow in mind.

Our Solutions

Rippleshot Sonar

Sonar is an AI-based fraud analytics platform designed for today’s banks and credit unions.

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Analyzes 10x more incidents; 4x faster than CAMS and ADC alerts

Reduce annual fraud losses by 15-25%

Reissue with 99% accuracy

Reduce reissue volume up to 80%

Reduce chargeback costs by up to 15-20%

Reduce call center costs by 15-20%

Rippleshot Rules Assist

Rules Assist is an AI-based analytics tool to identify fraud patterns and guide fraud teams to the right rules.

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Gain comprehensive insights into risks across your card portfolio

Get AI protection to automate fraud trend monitoring

Implement the right rules faster

Cut time and labor for rules analysis

Spot fast-developing fraud trends

Scale your fraud management without hiring

Our Results

A regional financial institution with $17 billion in assets used Rippleshot Sonar for three years, here’s what happened:

$400,000 in Savings

31% Fraud Loss Reduction

Stopping Fraud at the Speed of Data

Our award-winning technology monitors millions of transactions every day to identify card fraud at its point of origin — the compromised merchant. With that level of insight, issuers, merchants and processors can detect and respond to the use of compromised card information faster and more efficiently than ever before. Watch the video to see how.

Keeping Your Team Up to Speed
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White Paper: State of Card Fraud

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Case Study:
Rippleshot Sonar

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