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Rippleshot Gives Community Banks and Credit Unions Competitive Edge with AI-Driven Fraud Protection

Faced with more limited resources, community banks and credit unions often lack the technological edge to keep pace with innovations that greatly impact customer experience. Rippleshot Rules Assist was developed to address technology gaps smaller financial institutions face in their back office to efficiently protect their customers.

Rippleshot Leverages its Data Network and Machine Learning to Detect Card Fraud for Banks and Credit Unions

Bad Credit’s Finance Editor Adam West sat down with Rippleshot Co-Founder Canh Tran to learn how Rippleshot’s technology helps banks and credit unions better protect and educate their own customers and members.

Fiserv Introduces Innovation in Early Breach Detection with Rippleshot Partnership

Fiserv announced a new partnership Rippleshot to offer Card Risk Office℠ Fraud Warning, an early breach detection solution that allows financial institutions to identify potential fraud events 30-60 days prior to network alerts.

Newsviews: Holiday shopping season

Catch what Rippleshot’s Co-Founder shared with ABC7 Chicago’ JudyHsu in their talk about fighting holiday card fraud,  avoiding common credit card scams and how to protect yourself this holiday season.

More than a dozen skimming devices found in ATMs across city

Rippleshot Co-Founder Canh Tran shared some tips with abc7 News on why ATM skimming fraud is on the rise, and what banks can do to combat the rapidly-growing problem. Catch the segment — and Tran’s tips on fighting ATM fraud.

After Equifax credit breach, AG Lisa Madigan urges Illinois residents to be on alert

“We may have to go to a digital defense of each consumer, where we monitor your data behavior, all of it, your web behavior, your mobile behavior, your credit behavior 24/7,” Co-Founder Canh Tran to abc7 News, following the Equifax breach. Catch his tips on why the fallout from this breach will be long-lasting.

Equifax Breach a Game-Changer for CU Fraud

Rippleshot Co-Founder Canh Tran discusses how credit unions should handle the fallout of the Equifax breach — including how they should work to detect and fight credit card fraud better and faster. He also details why synthetic fraud is going to be a major part of the Equifax breach.

Coping With CNP Fraud: 6 Tips

Director of Marketing Kaleigh Simmons shares tips for credit unions on combatting card not present fraud.

Rippleshot Uses Big Data Tools to Mitigate Credit Card Fraud

Fresh off a fundraise, Rippleshot’s Kaleigh Simmons discusses the company’s founding, the fraud problem, and where the industry is headed with Xconomy’s Sarah Schmid Stevenson.

Chicago Startup Rippleshot Helps Banks Combat Fraud

Chicago Business Journal tells the story of Rippleshot and why the current fraud landscape necessitates a product like Sonar.

The Top Chicago Startup Fundings in February

Rippleshot makes ChicagoInno’s monthly list of the top fundraising deals in the city.

7 Key Components of Small Business Cybersecurity Planning

Rippleshot Director of Marketing Kaleigh Simmons talks to Carol Roth about the unique dangers small businesses face when it comes to data breaches.

Crooks, Like Borrowers, Flock to Online Lenders

Bryan Yurcan talks with Rippleshot CEO Canh Tran about synthetic identity fraud and how it’s the next popular target for cybercriminals.

Fraud Analytics Firm Rippleshot Raises $2.6 Million in Funding

Chicago-based Rippleshot, which uses machine learning and data analytics to help banks and credit unions spot fraudulent activity, has raised $2.6 million in new funding.

Fintech Firms Form New Trade Group

Rippleshot Director of Marketing Kaleigh Simmons discusses the impact of this new trade group on credit unions and credit union-focused organizations.

Prepaid Cards Finally Get Fraud Protection

Rippleshot CEO Canh Tran talks about the CFPB’s new ruling on fraud protections for prepaid cards and how it will impact the industry moving forward.

St. Louis Tops List for Highest Rate of Identity Theft Complaints

Rippleshot shares exclusive statistics on where cards in Missouri are most often stolen from, as well as where fraudulent ones are most likely to be spent.

Rippleshot Makes Fintech 100

Rippleshot makes KPMG and K2 Ventures’ 2016 global Fintech 100 list as an emerging star.

Web Watch: Fraud Prevention Expert Shares Best Practices

Kaleigh Simmons, Rippleshot’s Director of Marketing, talks with NorthWestern Financial Review about the company’s flagship software and the general state of card security.