Rules Assist for Card Issuers

AI-Driven Card Fraud Trend Analytics Solution to Proactively Manage Risk

Protecting your card portfolio from unforeseen fraud trends is critical during uncertain financial times. Instead of reacting to fraud coming into your FI, Rippleshot’s advanced analytics helps you be proactive by learning about fraud from other financial institutions to reduce fraud costs.

Rules assist bridges your data gaps with a flexible, AI and machine-learning driven subscription model that precisely guides teams to the right rules to proactively manage fraud risks — without requiring any IT resources or data on your end.

Gain insight into fraud trends to identify:

  • High Fraud Merchants
  • High Decline Merchants
  • High Velocity Merchants
  • False and Fraudulent Merchants
  • Test Transactions
  • High Fallback Merchants
  • High Fraud Acquirers

Rules Assist uses AI and machine learning powered analytics to identify fraud patterns and guide you to the right rules, and anticipate fraud before it occurs.


  • Address Emerging Fraud Trends with Certainty: Get actionable fraud analytics to spot trends and save analysis time and resources.
  • Reduce Fraud Costs & Balance Expense Ratios: Reduce CNP/CP fraud, call center & chargeback costs.
  • Minimize Portfolio & Customer Risks: Reduce false positives/declines that impact customer relations.


  • Machine Learning Technology: Comprehensive analytics to identify fraud trends, give insights on fraud trends that are coming and identify where data gaps exist.
  • Automated Daily Analytics: Daily analytics delivered to support narrow and broad rules, and help you learn how rules will perform.
  • Flexible & Cost-Effective: Simple monthly subscription service with easy implementation — no data or IT resources needed.

Maximize Your Rule-Writing Efforts With Automated Fraud Trend Analytics

Don’t rely on manual detection or your call centers to give you the insight you need. Rules Assist uses Artificial Intelligence to identify fraud patterns from consortium data on high risk merchants fraud spend, test transactions, fallbacks, and more.

Comprehensive analytics are provided, enabling you to write rules that fit your strategy. Identify merchants on which to write rules to fit your strategy and gain full data context to identify merchants for your card portfolio.

Want to enhance your rule-writing capabilities with advanced fraud analysis? With Rules Assist, Financial Institutions Can:

  • Reduce CNP and CP Fraud
  • Reduce False Positives & Declines
  • Reduce Call Center & Chargeback Costs
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Proactively Protect Cardholders
  • Gain a competitive advantage with AI

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What People are Saying About Rules Assist

“The analytic power of AI and machine learning to identify and detect patterns of fraud and potentially fraudulent behavior is much more powerful than human staff could ever accomplish using databases and spreadsheets.”

Jeff Aipperspach, Payment Processing Industry VP

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