Sonar for Card Issuers

Automated CPP Detection And Fraud Analytics For Debit, Credit And Prepaid Portfolio

Over 80% of credit unions and banks were impacted by a data breach in the past two years.
Over 50% of fraud losses are coming from locally breached merchants that traditional tools aren’t picking up on.

Enter Rippleshot Sonar For Card Issuers

Debit and credit card fraud shouldn’t be something you have to shoulder alone. Sonar delivers a valuable work product that enables card issuers to monitor and manage data compromises without the pressure and unnecessary focus on card reissuance by leveraging big data analytics via the Rippleshot Analytical Cloud.

You’ve Never Used Anything Like This

Automation – No home-grown spreadsheets. No manual list uploading. Sonar analyzes your entire card portfolio nightly, bringing you fresh new information to take action on each morning.

Tokenization – All transaction data is tokenized and scrubbed of PII before being uploaded to Rippleshot’s Analytical Cloud.

Whales & Minnows Approach – Sonar identifies data compromises that involve dozens of cards, or thousands, picking up on compromises that card networks often don’t have time to investigate.

CP & CNP – With chip cards issued, or on their way soon, Sonar considers the need for a combined approach to cover both types of fraud.

Portfolio Agnostic – Credit, debit and prepaid cards are all at risk for fraud, and all three portfolios can be analyzed using Sonar.

Consortium Model – Sonar detection gets faster the bigger the data set gets, meaning all clients benefit from the data consortium and model adjustments without the need for version releases or new purchases.

How Sonar Works

Data Inputs

  • Credit, debit and prepaid transactions
  • Card decision scores
  • Client fraud transactions
  • VISA/MasterCard alerts

Data Outputs

  • Automatic nightly fraud analysis across entire portfolio
  • CPP results delivered fresh to your dashboard each morning

A Dashboard Full of Actionable Insights

Get a refreshed list every morning of the potential merchant compromises affecting your portfolio, with associated fraudulent cards, at-risk cards, and date ranges for each. If you’d rather work card by card, Sonar can also show you your most at-risk cardholders, and information about each potentially compromised location they passed through.

Get clear and actionable decline rules for your portfolio, set by your own appetite for capturing fraud vs lowering false declines.

Introducing Fraud Forecast

Did you know that the average compromised card passes through not one, but three breached merchants? What if we told you, with all that considered, only 1-2% of compromised cards ever actually go fraudulent? Is your head spinning trying to figure out which cards are actually at risk? Ours, too. That’s why we created our Fraud Forecast.

What Is It?

Sonar automatically reviews every single card in an issuer’s portfolio every night, assessing its total exposure from all compromised merchants, along with other proprietary information, to provide a fraud forecast score indicating the probability that it will become fraudulent in the next 90 days.

How Does It Help?

1. It identifies the cards at the highest risk of fraudulent activity, so they can be reissued promptly.
2. It also identifies cards with an extremely low probability of becoming fraudulent, so issuers know which cards they can productively focus on.

Product Sheet: Rippleshot Sonar

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Institution Impact

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What They’re Saying
About Rippleshot Sonar

“Regardless of the kind of security measure used to protect a credit card, once a fraudster has the card data, little can be done to stop him or her from using the information. However, there is a company that promises to stop more than half of the fraudulent spending from compromised cards – Rippleshot.” – Yahoo! Finance

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We’re confident that with our automated CPP detection and strategic card re-issuance information, Sonar can help reduce your losses from payment card fraud by at least 30%, if not more. Ready to see it in action? Just fill out the form to the right.